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Hillsborough Little League (HLL) is in its 22nd year of providing fun and rewarding Little League experiences for boys and girls in Hillsborough and adjacent areas of San Mateo, Burlingame and Millbrae. More than 700 boys and girls between the ages of 5 and 12 participate in the league each year.

Hillsborough Little League has a proud tradition of excellence in both regular season and All-Star play. We have won 20 District and Sectional All-Star titles since our inception in 1993. Click here for more information about our All-Star history.

2014 All-Star Teams Announced

The following coaches and players have been selected to represent HLL in the District 52 All-Star Tournaments, beginning June 28. Congratulations and good luck to all!

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11-12 All-Star Team
Vinny Castiglione - Manager
Clarke Funkhouser - Coach
Jeff Adams - Coach
J Adams
R Baker
J Castiglione
P Dicioccio
R Donnelly
C Funkhouser
N Glafkides
R Leung
S Llamas
B Magalong
P Norton
J Petrushka
J Sanguinetti
10-11 All-Star Team
Brian Desler - Manager
Rich Beames - Coach
Kevin Walsh - Coach
T Alhorn
S Beames
C Chan
P Desler
C Kall
J Lee
C Lyons
A Nissenberg
J Radeff
C Robertson
A Tonas
P Walsh
9-10 All-Star Team
Cory Goligoski - Manager
Todd Richardson - Coach
Rob Uhrich - Coach
A Braccia
I Frankel
M Goligoski
L Johnston
S Macaluso
P Macy
L Martineau
W McGovern
G Richardson
J Schefsky
K Sieben
W Uhrich
C Walsh

2014 Tournament Teams Announced

The following coaches and players have been selected to represent HLL in the District 52 Majors Tournament of Champions, 12-Year-Old Invitational Tournament, and Minors Superbowl Tournament, June 21-24. Congratulations and good luck to all!

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Majors TOC Team
Pat Norton - Manager
Phil Johnston - Coach
Peter Martineau - Coach
Kevin Walsh - Coach
C Chan
J Johnston
L Johnston
P Keighran
W Layton
C Lyons
L Martineau
W McGovern
B Moore
C Moore
P Norton
P Walsh
12-Year-Old Invitational Team
Tim Hoey - Manager
Mike Mengarelli - Coach
Kevin Semien - Coach
Paul Gutierrez - Coach
A Bhagat
T Cabrera
P Chung
A Giovara
D Gonzalez
J Gutierrez
P Hoey
R Lowe
A Mengarelli
A Parness
M Pilch
I Semien
Minors Superbowl Team
Dan Gilmartin - Manager
Greg Kall - Coach
Matt Jones - Coach
K Bauer
C Bottoms
M Dougherty Jr.
L Dugoni
S Gilmartin
B Jones
R Kall
M Klapper
C McCleary
M Murdoff
W Peng
J Toma
J Yamagishi

2014 Season Champions

Congratulations to all of the Upper Division championship teams!

  • Majors Playoff and Regular Season Champions: Majors Padres, Manager Pat Norton
  • Softball Majors Playoff Champions: SB Majors Scarlet, Manager Tom Mawhinney
  • Softball Majors Regular Season Champions: SB Majors Navy, Manager Rob McHugh
  • Minors Playoff and Regular Season Champions: Minors Yankees, Manager George Cresson
  • AAA Playoff Champions: AAA Rangers, Manager Dave Hanson
  • AAA Regular Season Champions: AAA Orioles, Manager Doug Robbins
  • AA Playoff Champions: AA Mets, Manager Ben Coughlin

Is My Game / Practice Rained Out?

Before taking the field after a rain, please be sure to check if the fields are open or closed. You will find this information at www.hillsboroughrecreation.com/fields, which can be reached by the "Field Status" link in the topmost left corner of this page.

The field open/closed status will be updated by 1pm on weekdays and by 8am on weekends. If the status is "Closed" please stay completely off the field. You may still be able to use other resources (e.g., batting cage, blacktop surfaces, etc.) but the fields are off-limits!

New to HLL?

Learn all about our Baseball, Softball and Challenger divisions, find out more about our All-Star and Superbowl teams, or take a look at a few helpful documents relating to the league. You can find all of this by clicking on the League Info link in the left side menu.

Looking for Training or Playing Opportunities Beyond HLL?

Check out our Training Resources and Other Leagues pages for info on further training and development resources, as well as other local baseball playing opportunities beyond HLL.

Little League Bat Information

Click here for the latest information on Little League baseball bat requirements.

Rules for Dogs on our Fields

  • Dogs are not allowed on school property from 30 minutes before school starts until 30 minutes after school is over. This applies to dogs of ALL sizes, including dogs in the arms of their owners.
  • Dogs must be on a leash in the custody of an adult. An adult must be in control of their dog while minor children are present.
  • Clean up after your dog.

Any questions? Contact us at info@hllbaseball.org.

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